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An easy to follow guide to creating an effective website - The most common step after the business planning stage is setting up a website. We have an easy to follow guide which shows prospective business owners how they can have an effective website for around $150 or less.
Discover Business - For the past few years, Discover Business has helped thousands of startups find their feet, grow their business, and make a name for themselves in markets dominated by big players. Our business tools and business guides available online at no cost has helped made these successes possible. These are tools we personally use and recommend to our teams, friends, and people we work with.
Entrepreneur - The link lands you on the page which talks all about building your own business. How-to guides, startup basics, startup financing, business ideas, and success stories are well covered. A series of articles on how to lay the groundwork for your startup business are worth a read. Also, check out the Two Weeks to Startup page for some step-by-step hand holding. Whenever I am on this site, I always make it a point to read the success stories for some much needed inspiration.
MyOwnBusiness - This is a business education website run by a nonprofit organization founded by philanthropist Phil Holland. The business education courses on the site can teach about the nitty-gritty of starting your own business. They have two certificate courses on Entrepreneurial Education and Advanced Business Growth. You can also read through the course without the free registration. Both are free. The course pools together the collective wisdom of many successful entrepreneurs, so expect to read and see (via videos) lots of first-hand advice.
BusinessKnowHow - This business website has tools, resources, and a knowledge bank for starting, growing and managing small and home-based businesses. You can start with business ideas and move through the other tabs to reach the one which says “Start Business”. Unfortunately the forum is closed, but you will find many tools like worksheets for starting your business, startup checklist, calculate your startup costs and more.
AllBusiness - If you are planning to be a small business owner (or a big one), start with the ‘Getting Started’ section on this business how-to site. The site focuses on small businesses and supports them through insightful feature articles written by a network of bloggers. If you are interested in being a franchisee, head to the ‘Franchise AllStars’ section for spotting business opportunities. The site also has a large collection of videos with advice and tips for business owners.
Inc - The online business magazine has an entire series of how-to guides that cover everything from running a business to innovation. Another useful section you can always tap is ‘Ask Inc’ where you can have your business queries addressed by experts. The ‘Tools’ page is a library of sample forms, job description templates, interactive worksheets, spreadsheets, and contracts. Some documents available from DocStoc may be tagged with a buy sticker, but you can always look through them for ideas.
StartupNation - here are two things (among a few more) to really go through on this site. The 10 Steps to Open for Business gives you a step-by-step plan to plan your first foray. The Small Business Braintrust is a series of video lectures for those who prefer to watch rather than read. Of course, there are other vital sections like the community on the site.
Start Home Based Internet Business - Home based Internet business marketing information, articles, free email course, newsletter and eBooks. Practical and down-to-earth tips and techniques on how to start and market Internet business with little or no money.   Business Sell Canada 0

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