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How to Pay your Invoice

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- How to Pay Your Invoice -
(GST/HST Reg # 87176 9998 RT0001)

  Pay by Cheque ...    
You can pay your invoice for your "Business For Sale" listing by mailing in a cheque to us.   Please make sure that your BSC Listing number is shown on the front of your cheque.   (Please make cheques payable to M. Merritt).
Business Sell Canada
2476 County Road 46, RR #4,
Havelock, ON     K0L 1Z0

  Pay by Electronic Bank E-mail Tranfer ...  
If you do electronic banking with a major Canadian bank, then you can pay your BusinessSellCanada Invoice by using your Bank's secure email transfer service.  This is both safe and reliable and it automatically transfers the sum of money that you specify from your Bank Account directly to ours.
The link below gives you detailed instructions which you should read.  If your Bank isn't listed, then read the ScotiaBank instructions as the procedure for all Banks is very similar.

ScotiaBank   (Help)
RBC Royal Bank   (Help)
Bank of Montreal   (Help)
TD / Canada Trust   (Help)
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce   (Help)

  Pay by Credit Card ...    
You can pay your invoice for your "Business For Sale" listing with a Credit Card by filling in the following information, and with your credit card in hand - Click on the "Pay Now" icon below and and proceed to the - PayPal - site for a secure transaction:
 (I'm sorry - we don't clear Credit Cards directly at our Office.)

P A Y   b y   C R E D I T   C A R D

NOTE:   BusinessSellCanada uses "PayPal" as an agent to collect and process Credit Card payments for us.   Their name - PAYPAL - will appear on the statement that you will receive from your bank, when you pay your credit card balance next month.
(This advertising fee is in Canadian dollars.)
Enter your Listing Number:    Click for Helpful hints ... Enter the "Listing No." that we originally assigned to your Business For Sale Listing.  It was on the confirming e-mail that we sent to you when you originally entered your listing.   If you can't find it, please go to the "Buy a Business" Tab here and Search and Display your own For Sale listing.  You can see it there.  (Help)
Enter total to pay $
($34.65 includes the GST /OR/
$37.29/37.62/37.95 HST)
(CDN)    Click for Helpful hints ... Enter the "Total Amount" of your Invoice,
including the GST (or HST).
Either $34.65 (5% GST)
-or- $37.29 (ON, NB=13% HST)
-or- $37.62 (PEI=14% HST)
-or- $37.95 (NS, NL=15% HST).
Do not enter the dollar sign.
   Click for Helpful hints ... "Click" for instructions on how to pay by Credit Card on PayPal.  (Help)
(Use your Credit Card at PayPal)
Ignore Errors Help - Instructions - PayPal
(Opens in a New Window)  

 - N O T I C E - 
If you have difficulty in getting your Credit Card payment to go through PayPal - and some people do - then please don't become frustrated.   Either - try again at a later time -or- email us and say that you are mailing in a cheque to us.  Thank you.

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