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For Sale - Canada

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For Sale - Canada


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 We advertise Businesses For Sale in all of the Provinces of Canada 
In Atlantic Canada, which includes the Maritimes: there are businesses For Sale in Newfoundland & Labrador, as well as business opportunities available in Nova Scotia, companies For Sale in P.E.I. and many corporations to be sold in New Brunswick.   In the province of Quebec: there are businesses For Sale in Eastern Quebec, as well as a business opportunity in the Montreal Region and also enterprises to buy in North & Western Quebec.   In the province of Ontario: there are businesses For Sale in Eastern Ontario, companies For Sale in South Central Ontario; especially see corporations in the Toronto Area and include those For Sale in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA); also locate many companies to buy in SouthWestern Ontario and you can find businesses For Sale anywhere in Northern Ontario or ready to buy corporations in Southern Ontario.   In Western Canada which includes the Prairies: there are businesses For Sale in Manitoba, as well as business opportunities to buy in Saskatchewan with many companies also For Sale in Alberta.   While on the West Coast: you can find businesses For Sale in British Columbia (BC).   In Northern Canada: there are businesses to buy in the NorthWest Territories, as well as companies For Sale in Nunavut and many business opportunities in the Yukon.   Why not buy yourself a profitable company in Canada !
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For Sale - Canada  Businesses - For Sale by Owner  For Sale - Canada
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 More Details of Business #42927002 For Sale $55,000.00 V1A - British Columbia Gravel Pit and Quarry    See More Info about Sale #42927002
The pit and quarry are 5 minutes from downtown Kimberley, BC. We have the only gravel pit in operation in the Kimberley area. The gravel source is extensive and the leased ...
 More Details of Business #42927003 For Sale $165,000.00 M4B - Toronto Area Home Healthcare Equipment Provider    See More Info about Sale #42927003
Part of a North American franchise network specializing in lead generation, this distributorship has an exclusive, protected territory covering the entire Eastern section of the Toronto area ...
 More Details of Business #42928002 For Sale $135,000.00 L9C - Central Ontario Established and profitable window covering franchise for sale    See More Info about Sale #42928002
I was the first owner in this area - and I grew the business from $177K to $500K in sales in 5 years. It's strictly a home based business. A store front is not required ...
 More Details of Business #42924002 For Sale $85,000.00 N4S - SouthWestern Ontario Well Established Weight Loss Business    See More Info about Sale #42924002
Very successful and well established weight loss business for sale. The location is a stylish, spacious, beautifully decorated and well-appointed centre of about 1000sq/ft ...
 More Details of Business #42929004 For Sale $49,000.00 V3W - British Columbia Tile Store for Sale    See More Info about Sale #42929004
Business is running for last 10 years and sell hardwood and ceramic flooring, granite and ceramic tiles for use in home or commercial project. Low lease/rent, established ...
 More Details of Business #42929001 For Sale $380,000.00 N7G - SouthWestern Ontario Tool & Die Manufacturing    See More Info about Sale #42929001
The best edge of this business is the customer base that has provided ongoing revenue for more than 29 yrs. The manufactured tooling that my business provides has a lucrative ...
 More Details of Business #42929002 For Sale $200,000.00 V1C - British Columbia Well established, award winning Flower/Gift Shop    See More Info about Sale #42929002
This flower shop is family owned, & has been in business continuously for the past 30 years, and is situated in a prime location in the heart of the business district in Cranbrook, BC ...
 More Details of Business #42929003 For Sale $134,000.00 K7K - Eastern Ontario Digital print service Kingston Ontario - Print Three    See More Info about Sale #42929003
Print Three is located at a busy intersection in downtown Kingston and presents an excellent OPPORTUNITY for someone interested in the digital print business - SUPPORT & TRAINING PROVIDED ...
 More Details of Business #42930001 For Sale $1,800,000.00 P0P - Northern Ontario Exclusive Opportunity in Canadian & Worldwide Manufacturing    See More Info about Sale #42930001
This is a fun business doing very well, with the assistance of an accredited Naval Architect and P Eng. You will not believe just who you might deal with next ...
 More Details of Business #42930002 For Sale $50,000.00 L4Z - Ont - Relocatable Energy Management Business and Website    See More Info about Sale #42930002
The website enjoys outstanding SEO placement and has generated solid leads, projects and customers for 5 years running. The professional website is internationally known and ...
 More Details of Business #43001001 For Sale $225,000.00 K0A - Eastern Ontario Fire and Safety Services Business    See More Info about Sale #43001001
Located in the West-end of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, the "Company" is a fire and safety services company. Through a unique focus on partnerships with local businesses, insurance ...
 More Details of Business #43001002 For Sale $900,000.00 T0M - Alberta James River Bridge Store    See More Info about Sale #43001002
Rural Gas Station, General Store, Post Office, and Liquor Retailer! Country setting and your home and family business are one in the same. 1720 sq ft house - 3 bedrooms, a ...
 More Details of Business #43001003 For Sale $115,000.00 M4V - Toronto Area Dry cleaner Depot in Midtown Toronto    See More Info about Sale #43001003
Franchise Dry cleaner in Midtown Toronto.(Deer Park) Most customers are gentle and nice in this area. Average sales are $3K/week (incl. Alternation) Store open 6 days/week and Sunday close ...
 More Details of Business #43001004 For Sale $139,000.00 V8A - British Columbia Sunshine coast outfitters    See More Info about Sale #43001004
The best features of Sunshine Coast Outfitters is the location. With Desolation Sound, the Canoe Routes and amazing mountain bike trails (used as part of BC bike race)- Powell ...

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