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YOU are in control! YOU are responsible!
An article by Noel Peebles

Do you ever think to yourself, "I canít do that?" Most likely, it is your present beliefs that may be causing you to doubt your own abilities. After all, the only thing that can ever stop you from doing or getting anything is a thought.
I'd better not try that.
I don't have a chance to win this one.
They'd probably turn me down anyway.
I can't see it working.
I doubt she'd go out with me.
What if I call him and he says no?
I could list thousands of these tension building and confidence destroying instructions. Many of us wash these types of negative instructions through our brains every day. Itís no wonder we are afraid to try new things.
We always lose when we expect to. Which is why we did. Itís self-fulfilling. Expect failure and get failure. Which in turn breeds more expectation of failure.
If you want to change your situation and the results you are currently getting - you first have to change your beliefs. This means changing your mental conditioning to get the results you want.
If you set yourself up to expect success - you will achieve more success - and so breeding more expectations of success. It starts by telling ourselves that we can do it. It is about making things work rather than focusing on what we canít do and telling ourselves we canít. The basic concept is really that simple, but extremely powerful.
Not all your results will change instantly, but some will. I mean, itís not like a million dollars is going to appear out of thin air. But, if you really do want a million dollars, you can have it. However, firstly you have to believe that it is possible.
It is a bit like a farmer planting seeds; he doesnít expect the crop to pop out of the ground the instant he waters it. He expects to nurture it and work at making his crop a reality. Nor does a woman who conceives a baby expect it to be born immediately (thank goodness for that), without some sacrifice or effort.
The point I'm making is that you have complete control over your results (except for unforeseen natural disasters). You have complete control over your future and you have complete control over your mind.
Another thing I have discovered from my years in business; is that in order have complete control over your mind, you first have to take full responsibility for the results you get in life.
When something happens to you, take full responsibility.
The problem is this. It is easy to blame any and everyone, or everything else for our plight in life.
It's circumstances beyond my control. Oh Really?
It's the governmentís fault. Oh Really??
The economy is to blame. Oh Really???
It's the boss's fault. Oh Really????
It's everyone else's fault. Oh Really?????
Don't depend on events outside of you to provide the happiness in your life. Get over blaming the world around you. Get over guilt. Get over resentment. Concentrate on getting your act together. Take control and take full responsibility.
Every day is a new day. Don't let the past control the future. Forgive others and forgive yourself for whatever may have happened in the past. Get over it... itís done with... let go. Think about the present and focus on the future.
Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life. YOU are in control. YOU are responsible.
© Noel Peebles - author of "Sell Your Business The Easy Way"


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